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appsVue, EPC Technologies’s complete Business Intelligence Solution.

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appsVue, EPC Technologies’s complete Business Intelligence Solution. Specializing in reporting for Project-Centric companies and can provide reports from Primavera, Oracle ERP, SAP ERP and custom data sources.

appsvue is EPC Technologies’s full-featured business intelligence solution that provides a single solution for business and analytics, so users can manage their business more effectively.In today’s information-driven economy, high performance organizations are increasingly relying on business intelligence to gain a competitive advantage, respond quickly to market changes, and align execution with overall strategic direction. EPC Technologie specialize in reporting for Primavera ,Oracle ERP, SAP ERP and custom data sources.The solution has a comprehensive collection of dynamic tools for report creation,customization and distribution helping organizations to make it easy for users to access crucial information.appsVue can assist you to make the sort of data driven decisions that are crucial to long term success.

Whether you’re looking to optimise your reporting techniques, or seeking new solutions to automate data tasks, our solution can help you to make the most of your data.We offer businesses with effective business intelligence strategies that helps companies minimize risk, so critical decisions can be made.EPC Technologies offers a complete and trusted platform for performance management, planning, reporting, query and analysis, and data integration.Our consultants have business and relevant industry background combined with appropriate professional skills and enterprise system knowledge to ensure we focus on implementing business solutions that supports your strategy and business processes for your industry and organisation.

appsVue Features

-Faster reporting, analysis or planning.

-Accurate reporting, analysis or planning.

-Multi-dimensional analysis

-Increased competitive advantage.

-Cost effective

-Visualize and interpret relations among entities through specialized views.

-Design structured detailed files that contains notes and comments added by users.

-Office automation

-Data Mining

-Resilient to failure

-Interactive cockpits

-Network Analysis Envision

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Live Webinar

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 ***Please note that this webinar is postponed until further notice.***

Get a 360-degree view of your project- Learn about EPCT & Oracle’s unique Industry project Management solution- Primavera and stay ahead of competition.Join us on Tuesday, April 11 at 4 pm SGT (GMT +8). Read more

Bridge the gap by moving to the Cloud.

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Oracle Primavera Cloud is a strong and cost effective solution for globally planning,managing and executing projects, programs and portfolios.Why wait? Migrate to the Cloud now. Contact us for more info!